Paperdoll Party

What a great night! My friends and I got together and wore some really creepy costumes to crash the neighbors party. Needless to say, we got all the candy to ourselves. Gecko Creations created the  Melantha Halloween Gacha collection, which includes Rare, Ultra Rare, Uncommons and Commons.Great items to toss the best Halloween party ever!... Continue Reading →

Naughty Chair!

 My new little doll was placed on the naughty chair by someone and guards placed about the chair with bats! I think someone is trying to give me a hint for sleeping in late this morning. Skin and Appearance Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins brings us another beautiful skin release. Aspen comes in 2 separate skin... Continue Reading →

The Fairies Story Time

Once upon a time, in the deep deep dark woods, there lived dragons and fairies.. The fairies would gather for storytime with the dragons always watching over them in the glade. Sometimes even other fae creatures would join to listen to the tales along with the animals of the forest.. Here in the secret glade... Continue Reading →

Oooooh Shiny!

This post is all about those neon signs we love so much! And these are all on sale for only 10L each at the Wash Cart Sale Jan 31-Feb 14.  Tiar created some great signs for us. The BBG4U Daddy, BBG, SexyGirlsSiluets and Unicorns signs all at the Wash Cart Sale Fantasy China created some... Continue Reading →

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