Too Tired To Stay Awake

 After a long hard day, I went up to our penthouse and got dressed all sexy for when my honey came home. But, in the process, while giving some attention to one of the new pups, we fell asleep. The furs were just too comfy! This adorable pose comes with the puppy prop and is... Continue Reading →

A Little Chilly

It was a bit chilly in the studio so I put on this great fur jacket while waiting for the heater to kick in before showing off the rest of my outfit. It sure did the job and was cuddly and oh so soft to wear. LC Fashion designed the lovely Foren Fur  jacket which... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

 It's a New Year! That means 364 days to be bad again! Celebrate good times! Woot! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous Ginger Omega Face and Body skin appliers which come in several great skin tones. Oak worn here. These will be making their debut at the Cosmetic Fair Feb 15th - 28th 2018 Also... Continue Reading →

Her Secondlife

To some, Second Life is just a game like any other video game. But, regardless to how you view it, there is one truth that holds constant. There are real people with real feelings behind the avatars, so let's be kind to each other. 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely KATE in 2 versions. Each... Continue Reading →


Oh the dead have awakened, wearing their finest burial clothing. This one must have been a queen of something, or maybe she just liked headdresses. In any case, she was pretty well dressed for her burial.  .:Joplino:. created another great backdrop called, Creep it Real as an exclusive for Suicide Dollz Oct 15-27th. 7 Deadly... Continue Reading →


Climbed up high where the air is thinner and got a bit dizzy. I was lucky that there was a building up there that I could lean up against for a bit until my head cleared. Some might wonder why we like to go up so high and I know my answer is the VIEW.... Continue Reading →

The Promenade

Early in the morning, I enjoy some quiet time by myself, sometimes. Sitting out by the water, listening to the waves and sea birds while the sun gently brushes over my skin in it's climb to the sky. Rock Your Rack by Models Giving Back  will open at 12am on September 30th and there are... Continue Reading →

The Autumn Of Her Life

So many years she has been my best friend and my loyal companion. Never judging me, simply loving me unconditionally. We began so much younger, life looked brand new then. As we ventured out on our latest journey, jumping through ponds, chasing unsuspecting cats and squirrels, even just lounging about in silent conversation. Those conversations... Continue Reading →

Bed Hog Dogs

 Every night it's a mad dash for the bed in the dog eat dog world. The cat doesn't even bother to try, he just watches on with amusement. If the big dog doesn't beat everyone to the bed, then they actually get to enjoy the space, but tonight, he is the king and wont let... Continue Reading →

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