Gwen and I decided it was time to take some sweet pictures of ourselves. You know the ones, cute, couple photos. But, for some reason, felt like something wasn't quite right. When we got the pictures back, we notice two very familiar faces in the background! Of course, we recruited Sarlah and set out to... Continue Reading →

Lazy Afternoon Sun

There's nothing like sitting out in the warm summer sun first thing in the morning, when it isn't too hot and not to cold, just perfect. Having some great refreshments helps as well, morning time out on the beach is the way to go.   7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the gorgeous Olivia. This is an... Continue Reading →

Picnic Time with Gwen

  Picnic Time On this hot day Aerlinniel and I decided to have a picnic out in the countryside. It was such a lovely day spending some much needed quiet time together. The flowers were blooming as we layed out our new picnic accessories and proceeded to relax a bit. - Gwen Gudkov Roughneck  (Collaboration... Continue Reading →

Picnic on the Beach

Great day at the beach, it was fun to feel the sand with my bare feet. Gwennie is out swimming while I rest under the cabana with our picnic basket. I wonder if I should stir up trouble and yell "Shark!" Duvet Day created the fantastic Beach cabana for Jersey Shore June 3-30. This comes... Continue Reading →

In A Bad Mood

 She couldn't seem to get the steps for the dance right, no matter how much she practiced and it was beginning to show on her face that she was very frustrated. With t-shirts that spoke her mood without her having to open her mouth, she set forth to gemposes created this great pose called,... Continue Reading →

Yummy Watermelon

Mmmm this is sooooo good! Nothing better than a juicy slice of watermelon on a hot day at the beach! Decided to come check out this lighthouse and enjoy the ocean for a bit. It is sure pretty out here at :nostos:deer:   Something New created the pose and prop called, Take A Bite for... Continue Reading →

A Promise In Her Eyes

Looking into her eyes as we steal a private moment alone, I am awed by the love looking back at me. Many years together on this journey and many more to go, she is my best friend, my love, my champion. .:Joplino:. created this great post called,  Promise in your Eyes, a single couple's pose... Continue Reading →

Starting up the Gardens

What a great time of year out on the shore. I decided it was time to get busy with some of my gardening and of course, one of the puppies decided to dress up for the occasion, isn't she a pretty flower? Thanks to ENIIPose for creating this cute Garden Table pose complete with the... Continue Reading →

Sexy on the Beach

 A great day to go to the beach can be possible any day in SL if you visit Baja Bay. I was enjoying myself with a great subtle tan and sexy new outfit on. Something New created this great pose set called, Model Me, which are one of their Slap & Dash Boards prizes, yes... Continue Reading →

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