Wild Thing!

No easy feat to get a motorcycle out onto the beach! But, when it comes to choices, I'm not any good at that. I wanted to ride my bike, but also wanted to head to the beach. No worries, I didn't ride the bike like this, safety always first. 7 Deadly s[K]ins has an amazingly... Continue Reading →

Workin Hard

Lots of work to be done, remodeling the house, decorating our new land and blogging lots of fantastic items. Twe12ve- Fresh January 12-31 opens today and there is a lot of great stuff to be found there. Check out this great chair I am working in, it has so many different props that come with... Continue Reading →

She Cried Her Eyes Out

Her little friend had come up missing and she suspected foul play. She had searched everywhere for him,and not even a clue was found to his whereabouts. They were going to go out today, maybe spend time walking in the park, shopping, or whatever. Now, there would be no time together, and she sat down... Continue Reading →


Christmas shopping and wrapping is done, so I decided to rest for a bit on our new lounger. Enjoying the peaceful day with all the kids off with their friends. This Winter Solace Chaise Lounge, designed by An Lema, comes with lounger, rug, vase and pictures. It includes sitting positions for male and female. And... Continue Reading →

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