Inside the Witches Home

Stepping inside of my favorite spell caster's home after being ushered in by her familiars, I took a moment to look around a bit more. The home was spacious and there were even two rooms that had been left unfurnished, curiouser and curiouser.   See the outside of the great home along with some lovely... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Retreat

What a great place to relax when the sun gets just a little to warm, sitting beside the trickling wall waterfall which helps relax the soul. HILTED - Lennox Retreat  Full Pack includes retreat rezzer, bench, waterfall wall, single chair, wall piece plants, fences, floors, coffee table, and so much more!  It is an exclusive... Continue Reading →

The At Home Beauty Salon

As we come up on the porch we see a great little spot where you can sit down and enjoy the warm air while waiting tgo ha Shopping List Xplicit - Beauty Station Includes texture change hud for leather chair Lots of great animations, solo sits, sitting, preening, pictures, cuddles, etc. Now you too can... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Warm Home

HILTED - Cedarwood Lounge - Photobooth  This is a sponsor item for Boardwalk. This pack contains a phantom version of the booth and a rezzer with a non-phantom version. A beautiful backdrop for your photography needs. It is an exclusive at Boardwalk opening January 15th! It is an event that features home and garden plus... Continue Reading →

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