Of Witch It Is Apparent

  Such a beautiful day outside, I traveled up to the mountains and climbed high so that I could look out over the valley. The magic was running strong today, so strong that my arms began to shimmer ina sparkling way. The magic made my fingers tingle, wanting to be released, but not yet, soon... Continue Reading →

The Lounge Singer

Sultry voice, daring outfit, long legs ending in sezy high shoes, the lounge singer looked over the audience in this small smokey room. Asian decor surrounded the room and the insence rose to envelope her in it's woody scent. The pose shown here is Sing for me by Something New. This pose is one of... Continue Reading →

Sun Shining Bright

Out in the country, the sun shining brightly but not too warm, fall is in the air and I am loving it. Even the horses seem to be enjoying this cooler weather after the horribly hot summer we have had. This picture was taken at Val d'Orcia using the Jay Battlescars 6.0 Terral windlight.  ... Continue Reading →

Urban Kizzy

I rode my skateboard sooo far and now I just need a moment to rest. Took a lot out of me, I must be out of shape! Well, no big deal, I'll sit here and rest for a minute and jam out to some great tunes on my headset before making my way back to... Continue Reading →


She'll tear you apart! The widowmaker was the most feared gunfighter of the small town of Harvest. But she was also the most beautiful with her striking red hair, delicate features and slim form. She could draw any man to her, and once she had him, he could never leave or else... 7 Deadly s[K]ins... Continue Reading →


She's a bit sassy but dangerous as well, watch out for those nails if she catches you in her web. Drow are known to be ruthless, and no matter how pretty they may look, you take your life into your hands by approaching one. 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the amazing Klaasje fantasy skin and it... Continue Reading →

Sight Seeing

We packed up the bikes and took a trip to New York to look about a bit. I have taken some snapshots for you as well! This great new outfit that we picked up while there, and pictures of course of my bike, great hairstyle and just check out my tang. Even got my nails... Continue Reading →

Lady Biker

Taking the bikes out for a ride soon, so lots of stuff to do to prepare for the trip.¬† I stopped for a moment to take a break and enjoy the view. V-Twins recreated a best seller from 2011-2013, Adultery, and now it includes Omega Appliers! It comes with the jacket, body stocking, gloves, and... Continue Reading →

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