Under the Stars

 Loving the great weather and opportunity to be outside enjoying it. The Plastik created the lovely Maxwell Chaise as an exclusive for Shiny Shabby June 20-July 15. It is 100% custom mesh, copy and modifiable, and even includes a 30 color texture change hud with 4 different color change zones! Gorgeous addition to your decor... Continue Reading →


While waiting for my wife to get home, I decided to take a nap. The mask began to get a bit hot though while laying here and so I removed it. Slowly, I began to drift to sleep, dreaming out when she would be home and all the fun we'd be having.  Skin and Appearance... Continue Reading →

Give Them Cake

  Mmm such a great bounty of sweets to greet us as we went to visit our *coughs* aging parents. They are really into that retro stuff and well, it is sort of growing on me as well. I mean, look at this stuff! It's great! They just don't make stuff like that anymore. The... Continue Reading →

Beauty in the Leaves

Little Branch  designed the lovely Catalpa Tree which is animated and includes a 4 Seasons touch menu. It is 100% Mesh with Instant Rez and is Zero lag. This is an exclusive at the Illuminate Event April 18-May 13. Also show is the gorgeous animated Poplar Tree.  Includes a touch menu of the 4 seasons... Continue Reading →

Trees are Budding

I LOVE this time of year! The animals are all waking up again, the trees have buds on their branches, flowers are blooming and of course, I get to enjoy this year round in SL thanks to The Little Branch.   The tree to the left is the Wild Linden Tree which is animated for... Continue Reading →

What a Fine Day

 Gorgeous day outside, it's a calm before the coming storms this weekend and I'm totally enjoying this fresh spring afternoon. The trees are showing off their gorgeous foliage for our pleasure. Thanks to The Little Branch, we can have spring weather all the time, or any season we desire with these beautiful trees they have... Continue Reading →

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