Carnival Comes to Town

 Ahhh the carnival! A time for fun and laughter. Perhaps even a few screams. Come closer, ride the carousel. A demon you say? Surely you jest! What is that, a werewolf? You are totally off your rocker now. Let's go visit the clown house, oh look at them, laugh, or perhaps, scream a bit. 7... Continue Reading →

Decorating Fever

  I am sooo happy with how this room turned out. The colors and the halloween theme worked perfectly and I was even able to bring in my newest doll collection. It appears the dog is pretty happy with this as well and I feel so great in my new outfit, that we are going... Continue Reading →

Herself the Elf

What is a girl to do with so many choices?! How am I ever to decide which of these beautiful trees in the Christmas Tree gacha collection, by Immortals Avatars, to take home with us. Beautiful colors of red, green, purple, white, oh there's just so many! Frosty, help me choose, wont you? You can... Continue Reading →

Relaxation Time

So, Gwen and I are in the midst of decorating and decided that we needed some stuff out on the beach as well. After all, it's where we spent most of our down time. With some fantastic items from hunts, we just had to show them to you! All the hunt prizes shown in this... Continue Reading →

The MadHouse

More Halloween decorating with help from a bunch of talented designers over at the Gacha Good MadHouse event October 8-30th. Pumpkins, spooks, and yummy treats as well as a great new outfit to keep off the chill. Thaino Designs has a fantastic gacha collection called the Skully halloween gacha. Such items include Skully Coffee table,... Continue Reading →

My Puddin

Collaboration with Gwen Gudkov Gwen dressed at Harley and Aerlinniel as Joker Write up by Gwen, Pictures by Aerlinniel Seems like we can’t get a break for the two of us. People are always messin with puddin. All we want to do is cause a small amount of trouble and be in each others arms.... Continue Reading →

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