Valentine Dolly

Opening the package, to my delight was a new dolly! At first, she slumped down a bit and I feared I had just received a ragdoll, until the action started. Wow, what a great gift!  7 Deadly s[K]ins has another beautiful VIP Group Gift called, Becky,  for February. This Omega face&body based skin comes in... Continue Reading →

Come Little Children

Nightmares continue as the full moon rises in the sky. You are in a strange room where the only light appears to be from the front room. Bats are seen flying about and the furniture speaks volumes about the owner of the place. The chair seems to be alive, so you dare not to sit... Continue Reading →

Playing Dolls

My poor neglected dollies! I decided they needed some play time today so I ventured up to the attic to say hello. They looked less than thrilled as I pretended to also be a doll and fit in with them. I hope they don't suddenly start moving about on their own again, freeeeeeaky! These lovely... Continue Reading →

The Kitty and the Library

Hmmmm, looking around the "quiet" room I see the books are tipped over, the pillows knocked off the ottoman, the phonograph is spinning and I can instantly tell the kitty has been up here playing again. Gathering some much needed strength I start placing things back where they belong. Neat and Tidy are a must... Continue Reading →

As The Clock Ticks

It was a dreary scene, she sat there waiting for him to return, unaware of the creature behind her. The crackling of the logs in the fire added to the restless feeling she had as the clock ticked on and on.  Lovefest 2016 has arrived! Celebrating the 26th Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. With merchants, rides, adventure,... Continue Reading →

Basta Bunny

With only a couple of days left of the White Rabbit Hunt, great prizes like this cute outfit by Basta, are waiting for you to come find them. A spring time look with a bunny on the front of the top, high quality texturing and craftsmanship as always. A great skin by 7 Deadly Skins,... Continue Reading →

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