Mannequin In the Garden

Out in the garden, I placed a dresssed mannequin in hopes it would scare the critters away. But, as you can see, the skunk isn't one bit afraid and intent on smelling the flowers anyway. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: ~Jeanette's Joint~ Mannequin Base Skins Omega evolved skin applier includes black or white... Continue Reading →

Lioness’ Fairelands Adventures

Venturing about the Fairelands, she chanced upon a shrine and beneath a canopy of trees with glittering lights. A smile spread over her feline visage as violet eyes shifted down to her friend, a trusty steed of the fairyfolk. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: ~Jeanette’s Joint~ Branded Drow Skins This great skin includes... Continue Reading →

Return of the Dragon-kin

 It is that time of year when many creatures from all of the lands travel to meet within the Fairegrounds. Greeted by quests, workshops, merchants, and oh so many other amazing sights to be seen. And among these fair creatures are the dragon-kin. Amazing warriors from a mountainous region beyond the mists.  This is a... Continue Reading →

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