Wild Thing!

No easy feat to get a motorcycle out onto the beach! But, when it comes to choices, I'm not any good at that. I wanted to ride my bike, but also wanted to head to the beach. No worries, I didn't ride the bike like this, safety always first. 7 Deadly s[K]ins has an amazingly... Continue Reading →

Lazy Summer Day

Lazy days of summer will soon be upon us and I can't wait! Sitting out in the warm sunshine with bare feet and sporting that newly earned tan. Of course, having fantastic things to wear is always a plus too!! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous Hawai skin. A face applier skin based on the... Continue Reading →

Playtime On the Beach

Perfect day to head out to the beach for some playtime! Got a new swimtube to try out and just the right amount of breeze to watch kites fly out over the waters. Feeling the warm sand between my toes, there is nothing more heavenly than a day like this. 7 Deadly s[K]ins has an... Continue Reading →

Rockin It Vintage Style

Rockin It Vintage Style Venturing out, I decided to wander over to the Vintage Fairgrounds and check out the area. It was full of vintage memorabilia, old vehicles, shops that spoke of a time past, and of course plenty of shopping with all the wonderful goods from talented designers. 7 Deadly s{K}ins brings us the... Continue Reading →

Strong Emotions

So, I get this call about my car, saying it was sitting on a street in .Abandale. and totaled. We had been trying to find it since it had been stolen for weeks, and now I am left with a heap of metal. UGH! 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous Hawai skin. A face applier... Continue Reading →

Sand In My Shoes

A great date night for us on the beach, Gwennie will be home soon and I cannot wait for her to see my new outfit. Meanwhile, I am going to relax out here listening to the ocean waves break upon the shore, smelling the salt in the air and enjoying the breeze as it lightly... Continue Reading →

Picnic Time with Gwen

  Picnic Time On this hot day Aerlinniel and I decided to have a picnic out in the countryside. It was such a lovely day spending some much needed quiet time together. The flowers were blooming as we layed out our new picnic accessories and proceeded to relax a bit. - Gwen Gudkov Roughneck  (Collaboration... Continue Reading →

Picnic on the Beach

Great day at the beach, it was fun to feel the sand with my bare feet. Gwennie is out swimming while I rest under the cabana with our picnic basket. I wonder if I should stir up trouble and yell "Shark!" Duvet Day created the fantastic Beach cabana for Jersey Shore June 3-30. This comes... Continue Reading →

Beach Ballin

One of the luxuries of having our own private beach is the ability to suntan in near to nothing at all. I got a new bikini to show you and when she called it mini, she wasn't kidding!  MuggleBorn designed the Mini Bikini that I am wearing. It is mesh and comes in fitmesh sizes... Continue Reading →

In A Bad Mood

 She couldn't seem to get the steps for the dance right, no matter how much she practiced and it was beginning to show on her face that she was very frustrated. With t-shirts that spoke her mood without her having to open her mouth, she set forth to practice..one..more..time.. gemposes created this great pose called,... Continue Reading →

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