Waiting at the Airport

Waiting at the airport for Gwennie's flight to get in. I of course brought Willy along because he was soo excited to see her, we even brought along his little plane. It's been a hit with the cafe staff of course. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Mesh Body Parts: Akeruka - Cleo Bento Head... Continue Reading →

The Little Thief

 What has me so upset? I was cooking dinner on the grill for Gwennie, myself and some of the pups when one of the dogs snuck out and well..see for yourself! Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Spicy - Melody skin Light tones Also comes in a dark tones pack.  Includes appliers for Catwa,... Continue Reading →

Just Willy and I

 Willy and I decided to spend some time out in the pool, everything was going great, sun was shining, water wasn't too cold, but I had forgotten that I had my hat on! Oops! Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Spicy - Melody skin Light tones Also comes in a dark tones pack.  Includes... Continue Reading →

Puppies Pool Party

 It was a relaxing time sitting here sipping my tea while the doxies played in the pool. Harley wasn't too sure about all that wet stuff but seemed to be a good sport about it. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: The Face -  Maya Available in several skin tones (shown here in  SPF... Continue Reading →

The Farmhouse

Tylars Treasures has a new collection out for Twe12ve May 12-30 Theme: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, called Magnolia Farms. It consists of the following items, each sold separately: - Windmill Decor  This is wall decor with a 2 color texture menu - Window with Wreath  Another wall decor item, also with a  2 color... Continue Reading →

Summer Livin at Boardwalk

What a wonderful way to spend the late afternoon, sleeping on the couch while enjoying a breeze from the window. Joolee Tee Designs - - Summer Living  Set 13 piece set, 56 Li total Original mesh and animations, copy/mod. Sponsor Boardwalk Set Includes: - Dresser - Dresser Artwork - Tree - Chair 2 - Rug... Continue Reading →

Artists Niche

 There's a perfect view out the window here where I can sit back and enjoy some painting. Well, as long as I use drop cloths and clean up so my wife  Salacity - Framed Art These include both wall and floor versions. Shown are: - Vintage Rose - Monday Word Art - Hands - Vintage... Continue Reading →

Beach Retreat

Welcome to our beach house, nestled beside a cliff, we enjoy peace and quiet and the sounds of the ocean as the waves lap upon the shore. The best part of it all is this great home we get to enjoy. Glas Houses  - Scher  This home has 3 rooms with 2 entrances to the... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Coffee Shop

The days are getting warmer so we decided to set up a great spot to sit outside and soak in some sun while enjoying coffee and snacks. [Merak] - Drinks Trunk Cabinet  Available in 3 versions, black, white, or blue. Includes the trunk cabinet, whiskey bottle,champagne and wine glasses, champagne bucket and napkins Salacity -... Continue Reading →

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