Great Place for a Hammock

It was way too hot outside today but I wanted to lay out in my bikini. So what better way to do so then have a hammock in front of the window, coffee nearby and some great decor to enjoy? Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Akeruka - [AK Deluxe] - Gil Bento Head  ... Continue Reading →

Yuletide Greetings

 Christmas is coming and our home is starting to look a bit ready for the Holidays. With some great decor items from The Boardwalk event November 15th - December 15th. Sahi Designs created the lovely indoor/outdoor Yuletide Living Pallet Set - [PG] Includes Armchair (PG), Coffee Table, Comfy Crate, Ladder, Shelf, Sofa (PG), Wall Tree... Continue Reading →

As Morning Breaks

  Kaerri brings us more amazing items with the Toscano Dining Room shown above, this is an exclusive for the Hipster Fair Feb 17- March 3. This includes the table, benches, centerpiece, place settings, side table, as well as artwork shown. Also available at the fair are the lovely  Wrought Iron Flowers in your choice... Continue Reading →

The Lounge Singer

Sultry voice, daring outfit, long legs ending in sezy high shoes, the lounge singer looked over the audience in this small smokey room. Asian decor surrounded the room and the insence rose to envelope her in it's woody scent. The pose shown here is Sing for me by Something New. This pose is one of... Continue Reading →


This chair, by Persnickity, pretty much speaks for itself, the message hidden until the person sitting in it stands up, it offers 10 sitting animations - 6 for women and 4 for men.   A fun addition to anyone's home.   Its only 2 LI and sells for 45L at Persnickity mainstore  . The beautiful clock and... Continue Reading →

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