The Fairies Story Time

Once upon a time, in the deep deep dark woods, there lived dragons and fairies.. The fairies would gather for storytime with the dragons always watching over them in the glade. Sometimes even other fae creatures would join to listen to the tales along with the animals of the forest.. Here in the secret glade... Continue Reading →

Garden of Memories

 Sitting among the flowers, I take time in the morning air to enjoy the sun as it rises, spreading it's light over the garden of memories. Not many can see me hidden away in this tiny section of our forest, and that's just the way I like it. As long as one of my pups... Continue Reading →

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

 Hello Darkness my old friend, it's been a while and I missed the comfort of your embrace. PROMAGIC created this Dark Background in which I took my pictures. It includes all shown except the ottoman and dressing screen. A fantastic item for taking those darker pictures with.  7 Deadly s[K]ins  brings us the divine Venus. ... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

Decorating the small cottage for our family, Rodd and Sarlah, Gwen and I stopped to pose and send a Happy Halloween out to everyone. I know, it's early but we celebrate one of our favorite holidays all month. And you can to by participating in some of the great hunts going on around the grid.... Continue Reading →

Demons Lurking

After a morning of planning and playing around taking a few pictures, we decided to plan an afternoon of mayhem on our motorcycles. It took a while to figure it out and before we knew it the time had slipped past and now it was well beyond lunch time. But, it was so much fun... Continue Reading →

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