I want a piggy of my own

 Skin and Appearance Another gorgeous skin by 7 Deadly s[K]ins is JUNIA. This skin comes in a light or dark pack containing 7 skin tones and a shape is also available for purchase. Modeled after the LAQ bento head, this is an exclusive at The Secret Affair April 5th - May 5th. Eyes: The eyes... Continue Reading →

Hello Spring

Hello Spring! Rain can go away now, but of course, I have to keep in mind the tulips need it. Oh well, I'll end up getting a tan eventually. At least I can spend some time here and pretend it's spring already.  Body Styling  7 Deadly s[K]ins created the beautiful Keik Omega face and body... Continue Reading →

Naughty or Nice

More home furnishings and decor for you. This time, we bring you items from Spotlight's Anniversary Round Feb 1-18 Shown above is some wall art by Armani Designs called, Kim & Armari. This is adult in nature so best for those adult settings. They also have on sale at the event, the Texture Change Leather... Continue Reading →

Cindy the Lost Elf

I took a wrong turn somewhere. I was sure that I had been following the right reindeer, but then he dashed off and left me out here alone. It's really cold without Santa's magic surrounding me. Why can't he let us elves dress up like eskimos? I mean, do you see what HE wears? He's... Continue Reading →

Holiday Shopping

All dressed up to go shopping, I have my new handbag, and put on a gown with some heels. One always needs to make the best impression when shopping at the mall, and you just never know who you may run into there. I am wearing a lovely dress called Jackie, designed by Le Fashion... Continue Reading →

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