Foxy Lady

  BIG NEWS on the 7 Deadly s[K]ins homefront. They have an new skin out called, Nature. But this skin box is special! It is part of the brand new Vista mesh bento head!! That's right, all 10 skin tones are part of the pre-programmed hud that comes with the head!  You can purchase the... Continue Reading →

Her Own Little World

Staying inside today, listening to the traffic outside my windows and just sitting here pondering on the daily events. Hoping peace will be found soon. Thanks to Outside The Box, I have a great area to relax in. This great Woodstock Pillow set comes with PG or adult animations, the world sign on the wall... Continue Reading →

Run to the Surf

un to the Surf I heard there were some awesome waves today and I wanted to try out my new surfboard, Snatching it up, I dashed down the beach, only to find the tide had gone out. Bummer for surfing, but great for some suntanning at least. I was not about to put this day... Continue Reading →

Shopping Shopping

( Collaboration pose with Gwen Gudkov Roughneck, check out her blog here! ) Yes we went shopping again as usual. Seems like we can never find what we started for but always come home with tons  of things to try on or just have because well, you know, we all have to have 4 closets.... Continue Reading →

Leather Dress, Olala

Credits- Poses- Repose  Pack F THE LOOK  Pose fair (*ANGELICA)  CUTE POSE for MESH HANDS (FREE) Clothing & Accessories- .: LIKE DESIGN :.  Belted Short Dress  ( WITH COLOR HUD )  Olala Event [monso]  My Goth Set - Black Bangle .ARISE.  Hori Piercing  Fi*Friday Violent Seduction  - Rose Jail Heels... Continue Reading →

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