Fall Fun with Aerwen and Alina

Alina and Aerwen are enjoying their new Our gang's best hangout! by Lil Bette's wonders on sale now at Kids Limited, now until November 6th. It comes complete with several seating animations, hay bales, dog, cat, apple baskets, pillows and decorative lights. Aerwen is dressed in Autism Awareness Overalls - Kid by Soken Kids Toddledoo¬†... Continue Reading →

Little Princesses

¬†Pretty little princesses, Aerwen and Alina, are enjoying their new Woodland Kids Set by [blissiere] for Fable. It has several sitting animations and four cute chairs that sit around the frog pond table. comes with the rug as well. They are sitting in the Mystical Garden by Kingswood, enjoying all the pretty flowers and foliage... Continue Reading →

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