Ella the Bad Elf and her Crew

 Out to cause mischief and mayhem, Ella the Bad Elf assembled her crew, the naughty dog and three very naughty elves.  Shopping List Skin: Amara Beauty - Olivia  This  is a gorgeous skin via Catwa applier. Available in several different tones, peach is worn here with the Catwa Catya head and Maitreya Lara body Shape:... Continue Reading →

The Abduction

  Feijoa by 7 Deadly s[K]ins comes in two different versions. Each box contains Omega mesh head appliers based on Lelutka bento mesh head in 6 skin tones. These appliers not only apply the face but also the body! One box contains skin with beauty marks and the other is plain. There is also a... Continue Reading →

Arizona Dreamin

 Ahhhhhhhhh the desert sun shining down on my face, the sounds of birds overhead, peaceful and quiet, maybe a bit too quiet.. Well, I can at least pretend that I am down in Arizona enjoying the scorching heat of the sun, lizards and tortoises oh my and a nice saguaro cactus or 50 or even... Continue Reading →

Private Viewing

This is a really interesting show about a place I plan to visit on vacation next year. So glad that I have this great movie projector to watch it all on.   7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the gorgeous Olivia. This is an Omega face applier based on the Laqroki Trinity mesh head in 10 skin... Continue Reading →

Starting up the Gardens

What a great time of year out on the shore. I decided it was time to get busy with some of my gardening and of course, one of the puppies decided to dress up for the occasion, isn't she a pretty flower? Thanks to ENIIPose for creating this cute Garden Table pose complete with the... Continue Reading →

Preparing For A Fight

A very important person lies in rest here, as the elves begin to gather for war, one elf in particular does not seem to be worried much and takes a few moments to enjoy the scenery of their home. Noble Creations created the Sacred Tomb shown in the Dark with Purplish Leaves version. It  is... Continue Reading →

April Showers

April and rain seem to go hand in hand as the poem says. But, after a very wet winter, I will be happy to have just a teeny bit less of this liquid sunshine droppin on my my head. Facepalm Clothing Company brings us the lovely dress, Stormy. A mesh dress in several sizes with... Continue Reading →


 The most distressing thing happened today! While Gwen's mother has been under the weather, seems some of her cats made their way to our house! They took over one of our couches and just refuse to leave. Of course, I have to be nice to them, being they belong to family, but this is a... Continue Reading →

Snow Demoness

It's a lovely night out tonight with the fireflies dancing about, glowing with that ethereal light of theirs. I ventured out to check on the area wearing a nice new warm cloak of mine. Though, we snow demonesses really don't freeze at all. My horns are Hard Cyber Horns R1 by CREATiCA, and it's a... Continue Reading →

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