Inside the Witches Home

Stepping inside of my favorite spell caster's home after being ushered in by her familiars, I took a moment to look around a bit more. The home was spacious and there were even two rooms that had been left unfurnished, curiouser and curiouser.   See the outside of the great home along with some lovely... Continue Reading →

Ostaras Altar

Set upon the shores of the sea is a special place to come worship the Goddess, Ostara and pray for a bountiful spring. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print)  Dragon Magick Wares - Divinity Cottage  Mesh, copy/mod, 26 prims and a footprint of about 7x11. An exclusive at Ostara's Altar March 15-April 5. LORE  -... Continue Reading →

Witches Garden

Spring has sprung! All the flowers are blooming, moss has come back to cover the stonework in the garden and I am happily preparing some time at the altar soon.   Ostara's Altar March 16-April 3 has opened and there's a lot to see and enjoy there. Exclusives and gifts, even a hunt. One of... Continue Reading →

Bella By Night

The sounds of the children of the night were a comfort to the dark fairy as she wandered the lands in search of unwanted children. Most thought of her as cruel, but her chore was a loving one, giving the children left to the elements, another chance at life in the fae realm. How misunderstood... Continue Reading →

Little Wood Witch Dreams

The little wood witch had HUGE dreams of someday being on the Grand Council of witches. But for now, she was simply in charge of keeping the council chambers clean. The council members had lovely chairs to relax in with blooming flowers that crowned the furniture year long. And the small altar with the pillows... Continue Reading →

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