Private Island

No Man is an island, but sometimes a private island is just what the doctor recommends. Skin and Appearance Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins created the lovely Coriander. This beautiful skin is available in your choice of a light or dark skin tone pack and to complete the look there is even a shape available for... Continue Reading →

Just The 2 Of Us

While out messing around we got to saying how much do you trust me, well then we touched fingertips and leaned back to test that theory. We were right! the test proved to be successful and we had so much fun messing around and taking pictures that we just had to share. Something New created... Continue Reading →

Love on the beach

Models Rodd and Sarlah Stark granted me permission to take a few pictures while they were snuggling on the beach. But, I think that Rodd needs a wee bit more sun, he's looking pale compared to his wife. Maybe that's why he didn't show up to take me to the mall the other day, grrr.... Continue Reading →

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