Spaced Out

  Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Mesh Body Parts: Akeruka - Cleo Bento Head   This head includes skin appliers not only for the head in several tones but the appliers for several different mesh bodies in those tones as well. Lots of other great features and choices as well, braces, tongue piercings, eyes... Continue Reading →

The Cat Came Back..

I was over visiting some family and stepped outside, only to find out that said family member had cats. Not just a couple, oh no, a herd of the things! So, I put on my best cat look and tried to sneak past them. But, they didn't believe my disguise and now I am trapped... Continue Reading →

Her Familiar

  Always nearby, watching over her was the falcon who soared silently through the skies. Coming to rest upon her hand for a moment, an exchange between them and them alone. She was his witch and he was her familiar.  7 Deadly s[K]ins has another beautiful VIP Group Gift called, Becky,  for February. This Omega... Continue Reading →

Vengeful Cupid

She was once an ordinary woman who lived an ordinary life with her cats. But one day, an extraordinary man came to visit and stole away her heart. Crushing it beneath his boot, he never suspected what he had done. She set out that night, her innocent visage had changed, a seductress they couldn't resist,... Continue Reading →


Climbed up high where the air is thinner and got a bit dizzy. I was lucky that there was a building up there that I could lean up against for a bit until my head cleared. Some might wonder why we like to go up so high and I know my answer is the VIEW.... Continue Reading →

The Morrigan

  We're going to dive right in here starting with the great skin I am wearing. This skin, called Seagull, is a creation by 7 Deadly s[K]ins as an exclusive at Suicide Dollz Sept 3-15. This skin, modeled after the LAQ bento mesh face Gaia, comes in 6 skin tones (Sand is the tone worn... Continue Reading →

Cute N Sassy

7 Deadly s[K]ins has another fantastic new skin for us named, Anoushka. This comes in two different boxes, containing dark/tanned skins and the lighter/pale ones. There is also a shape available! It is an omega face and body applier based skin, with an all in one applier to make it much easier to wear. This... Continue Reading →

Garden of Memories

A beautiful garden with special flowers and trees which we planted for our loved ones that have already crossed over to the other side. It's a great place to come and relax a bit. Image Essentials created the pose set - Sweet as Honey which comes with 5 poses and mirrors. [NyDesign]  designed the feminine... Continue Reading →

Sassy Pants

The thing about moving into a new house is that we have to unpack stuff now and decide what goes and what stays. But it also gives us lots of room to take some pictures to show you great stuff. 7 Deadly s{K}ins has a new skin out called, Georgie. This Omega mesh head applier,... Continue Reading →

A Poor Heart Aflame Set

 Oh my such wonderful items being released for Valentine's Day! Beautiful jewelry and lingerie are just starters. I'm really excited about the jewelry so let me tell you about this.  Chop Zuey has created a new set called, A Poor Heart Aflame Set,  just in time for Valentine's Day. It will be making it's debut... Continue Reading →

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