They keep saying "The Devil Made Me Do It" but if you look real close my familiar is a butterfly. I am the She Devil of the night. But, I am truly sweet as you can see by these pictures of me in my new Gown. In fact, I loved it so much I just... Continue Reading →

Day Out with the Pup

I took one of our dogs out for a walk, he really enjoys these times and so do I. I just walked a bit over to my Aunt's shop and then home. But snapped a few pictures for you at her beautiful space. She loves having folks visit and enjoy it. Pictures taken at  Beyond... Continue Reading →

Puppy Rescue

I was wandering about a deserted building, following a dog that had obviously given birth recently and acted like she wanted me to go with her. Being led into the shadows, I glanced about quickly when I heard what sounded like whimpers coming from beneath the stairwell.  So I followed Mama Dog over that direction,... Continue Reading →

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