Factory Worker

Time for a break at the factory, heavy lifting on on my feet all day makes me relish this small space of time to rest so much.  Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Dulce Secrets - Taira Pinyon Skin Includes appliers for Omega, Lelutka, Catwa and also includes classic skins available in several tone... Continue Reading →

Midnight Visitors

Hmmm so they say that playing with such things could lead to bad moments. But, I AM a bad moment so I doubt anything could possibly happen to me. Other than being surrounded by a bunch of tasty rats.  7 Deadly s[K]ins designed the lovely Quince skin modeled after the Lelutka Bento mesh heads. It... Continue Reading →

Sand In My Shoes

A great date night for us on the beach, Gwennie will be home soon and I cannot wait for her to see my new outfit. Meanwhile, I am going to relax out here listening to the ocean waves break upon the shore, smelling the salt in the air and enjoying the breeze as it lightly... Continue Reading →

Wood Witch

 In the dark of the night she looks into the spellbook and begin to chant. The trunk of the tree wraps around itself as the night wraps itself around the witch. The chill air brushes along her skin like the touch of a hungry lover, but she barely notices while in her trance. Poses Used... Continue Reading →

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