FALLing For You – Collab Post

The Autumn chill is in the air, but Gwen and I are keeping things pretty toasty between us while decorating the yard for the season. Of course, it would probably help if we wore shoes I suppose, but we barely noticed in the heat of the moment.  7 Deadly s[K]ins designed this lovely skin named,... Continue Reading →

This Is Halloween

I LOVE this time of year, the vibrant colors of leaves changing, the smell of caramel apples and hot cocoa. Campfires in the chill air as we tell spooky stories to each other, and the chance to decorate our home in a ghoulish manner. 7 Deadly s[K]ins designed this lovely skin named, Serika. This Omega... Continue Reading →


To take something from a Beatles tune: Doesn't have a point of view Knows not where she's going to Isn't she a bit like you and me? Nowhere girl please listen,You don't know what you're missing Nowhere girl, The world is at your command...... and this is how I felt walking around in the dark... Continue Reading →

Wifi Problems

I went up into the attic to get some quiet time while I worked on my writing project. Only to find out that the wifi wasn't working! I tried the laptop and event my iphone, and had no luck, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm going to have to check into some better service.   Wifi Problems poses created... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

Decorating the small cottage for our family, Rodd and Sarlah, Gwen and I stopped to pose and send a Happy Halloween out to everyone. I know, it's early but we celebrate one of our favorite holidays all month. And you can to by participating in some of the great hunts going on around the grid.... Continue Reading →

The Fallen

After causing a small amount of trouble in the heavens, I was asked to leave, well more like kicked to the curb so to speak. My wings turned a dark color as I entered the new phase in my life. I will say it was fun creating Havoc. Surely Loki would be proud of all... Continue Reading →

Cinda Shirley

Tick Tock, the clock could be heard as the minutes counted down. She knew she would have to leave soon but wanted just one more dance, one more chance to be with her lover and to enjoy her beautiful new dress. Time had run out and as she rushed out of the ballroom and to... Continue Reading →

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