Blue Fairy

The blue fairy was the granter of wishes for the local children. She appeared in their dreams, adorned in blue with blue hair as well and with a sweet smile would comfort them. Many children would call out to her when they were having an emotional time, though if they were being bullied, that task... Continue Reading →


Sleepless Nights

Well, it's bedtime for me. After a long hard day, I have on a new dress that doubles as a sexy nightgown and I am going to try to get comfortable now. Yes, there's a few mattresses here, but it is all worth getting some great rem sleep. So before I fall asleep, I'll tell... Continue Reading →


Sitting there, puffing away, the smell of tar and nicotine was rancid in the room. But she didn't appear to mind one bit as she sat there, impatiently waiting for her appointment to arrive. And boy was she hungry! To some she appeared to be another normal female. Nothing extraordinary about her at all. She... Continue Reading →

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