Home From a Long Day

Home from a long day at the garage, some elderly man kept staring at me as I was detailing a bike. I'm used to it, but didn't make me feel any less annoyed. But, if you got it, flaunt it, they say which is quite easily done in this great new outfit. V-Twins created the... Continue Reading →

Lollipop Lollipop

Seems that Aerlinniel wanted me to taste the lollipop no matter how much i didn’t want ti. She practically forced me to take it. LOL but, it was a fun filled morning out by the beach with the gentle breeze blowing in off the ocean and the gulls talking overhead. -Gwen Roughneck Collaboration post with... Continue Reading →


Sitting there, puffing away, the smell of tar and nicotine was rancid in the room. But she didn't appear to mind one bit as she sat there, impatiently waiting for her appointment to arrive. And boy was she hungry! To some she appeared to be another normal female. Nothing extraordinary about her at all. She... Continue Reading →


Spark was feeling a bit cooped up so I decided to take her out for a ride. She really enjoyed soaring over the water and scaring the neighbors, and I have a blast on her back, with the wind blowing through my hair. Ahhh such freedom! Lush Poses created the fantastic pose prop called, Dragon... Continue Reading →

Sight Seeing

We packed up the bikes and took a trip to New York to look about a bit. I have taken some snapshots for you as well! This great new outfit that we picked up while there, and pictures of course of my bike, great hairstyle and just check out my tang. Even got my nails... Continue Reading →

My Rocking Horse

So, I got this great rocking horse sent to me and I couldn't wait to show you it! This comes in two different versions, PG and Adult so yes, you can even add it into a fetish setting it you so wish. Anyways, to show it off best, I put on a new swimsuit with... Continue Reading →


I was out wandering in the yard and found some adorable chipmunks. They were surprisingly really friendly and I got to hold one. Soon, his family was also in my arms. Of course,a this point, I had no idea what to do with them. I am wearing a Spring tutu skirt made by Trashed for... Continue Reading →

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