Ouch My Foot

Such a sexy pose, you'd never know I was holding onto the doorframe because I stepped on something would you? Skin and Appearance Skin: The skin that I am wearing is Cinnamon in apricot by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This was created with the Catwa Catya head in mind. It is an older skin, comprising of... Continue Reading →


Stay Juicy!, they said. So, I grabbed up some oranges and did just that. Leaning against the jukebox as I got a bit woozy, realizing these slices of fruit had been sitting in alcohol. Well, I'll just stand here and listen to some great tunes while waiting for the feeling to pass. Skin and Appearance... Continue Reading →


 One of my very favorite things to do is to sit on a blanket underneath the sky and gaze up at the stars. Space has always fascinated me and I enjoy looking for the various constellations. It's even better when you have your significant other with you and even a pet present as well.  This... Continue Reading →

The Druidess

Wandering through several lands, I finally found one that I really liked and wanted to take pictures at with this style I have on. Holding the great staff *man that was heavy!* and feeling sexy with one shoulder bared. Beautiful Celtic artwork upon the material, long flowing red hair, and flawless skin, with a finishing... Continue Reading →


They called her Mysa, mother, and she road a great steed with dragons following close behind. At times, one could even spot the silver haired beauty resting upon a rock, a dragon curled up close to her, much like a dog would with it's master.   7 Deadly s[K]ins has another fantastic new skin for... Continue Reading →

Love Me A Lolli

Wow! A new house and inside I found a giant lollipop! I was all dressed to play Dominant Bish and this totally threw me off course. The skin I am wearing is the lovely Klaasje, which is the skin gift offering for Day 14 of the Harvest Days Advent Calendar by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. The... Continue Reading →

Here Piggy Piggy

There's no way to deny it, guinea pigs are amazing little creatures. These little rodents aren't pigs at all but are more closely related to rabbits. Within minutes of birth, the young are walking about, this is a survival mechanism they have born of the wild. They are affectionate loving and intelligent little creatures who... Continue Reading →

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