A Text to Gwennie

I have been working on a bar set up for a small party we are planning with a couple close friends and figure I need a break. So, laying down on the ultra soft and comfy fur rug, I pull out my cell phone and speed dial my wife who is currently at work. It... Continue Reading →

Shades of Pink

 7 Deadly s[K]ins has another beautiful VIP Group Gift called, Becky,  for February. This Omega faceandbody based skin comes in 4 tones with eyebrow or no eyebrow options. Also included is a beautiful shape and eyebrow shaper.  You can find this gift starting in February at the main store. There is also a huge anniversary... Continue Reading →

Goth Chic

Today I feel like going a bit Goth. I dyed my hair a deep red, and have some beautiful base makeup on, my skin looks amazing. This lovely skin, Puck, is a creation by 7 Deadly s[K]ins for the eBento Event Nov 10-30. It is an Omega face & body applier and comes in 2... Continue Reading →

Why Be Normal?

Got myself a cup of coffee and brought along a great book to read, but never got around to the book because of the 84 fantastic shops here at Has#tag's Black on Black Event Nov 15-30. There are great exclusives and even gifts at every booth to enjoy. This gorgeous skin is Soya by 7... Continue Reading →

Happily Ever After

I am so worn out from last nights events that I decided it was about time to seek some spiritual refreshment in a peaceful environment. Off to the woods I ventured, deep within were one could almost pierce the veil and see beyond to the fairy realm. The skin that I am wearing with the... Continue Reading →

Like a Fairytale.

I didn't dare move, silent as could be while the hummingbird came so close I could feel the air from the rapid flapping of wings. He looked right at me and I looked back, before he dashed away in search of flowers. It was a magical night, the scrying pool had been active and I... Continue Reading →

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