Cuddling Hipster Style

We got this great set to explore from Tylar's Treasures and just couldn't wait to set this up. So yes, we went ahead and set it up outside and found that we rather enjoyed it here by the water. Of course, Gwennie and I are also enjoying other stuff from the Hipster Fair Feb 17-... Continue Reading →

Two Halves of One Heart

Our anniversary is coming up soon and it will be 8 years in Second Life! We are two halves of one heart and this pose shows this sentiment so well we decided we just had to blog it. The pose is the current group gift by Something New which includes the prop and couple poseballs... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Weather

┬áSuch a gorgeous day outside!! The animals are even coming out to play and we are getting the first little glimpses of the fall colors painting the leaves. I got to enjoy the sweet late summer air with some bears and chipmunks, while wearing a great outfit that is perfect for this time of year.... Continue Reading →

As The Clock Ticks

It was a dreary scene, she sat there waiting for him to return, unaware of the creature behind her. The crackling of the logs in the fire added to the restless feeling she had as the clock ticked on and on. ┬áLovefest 2016 has arrived!┬áCelebrating the 26th Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. With merchants, rides, adventure,... Continue Reading →

Rappelez-vous de Paris

A gift from the Designers of Beyond Persuasion, Beyond Majectic and Beyond the Darkness to show their support for France, is a beautiful lit candle in front of their stores, free for the taking. They also have this fantastic sign display available as well. I am wearing a fantastic dress (I especially love the knot... Continue Reading →

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