A quiet evening in after a night out dancing with our partners, Rodd and I decided to settle into the great vintage room he has set up and his home for a much needed nightcap. AERLINNIEL Skin and Appearance Skin: The super cute skin and shape that I am wearing is Aspen - Freckled in... Continue Reading →

Beach Please

 Our own little beach hideaway, massages on the beach. The wind sort of blew the fence about, but it adds to the character of the place. I was so happy to find some palm trees that I could transplant for deco here as well. And most of the stuff in this post is to be... Continue Reading →

Just The 2 Of Us

While out messing around we got to saying how much do you trust me, well then we touched fingertips and leaned back to test that theory. We were right! the test proved to be successful and we had so much fun messing around and taking pictures that we just had to share. Something New created... Continue Reading →

Our Little Hideaway

We had this secret little room off of our bedroom that I wanted to make into our own little space. So, I gathered together some furniture in a fall theme, tossed in a few Halloween items and viola! Instant success! {NANTRA} sent this great gift out to their subscribers as a Halloween Gift this year.... Continue Reading →

Music of Nature

Picking up her flute, the dragon quietly coiled about her shoulders, she brings it to her lips and the music softly reaches out to caress the senses of anyone near enough to hear the notes. The eyes of her dragon glow as the music moves within her, drawing the magical forces of nature ever closer.... Continue Reading →

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