One of my very favorite things to do is to sit on a blanket underneath the sky and gaze up at the stars. Space has always fascinated me and I enjoy looking for the various constellations. It's even better when you have your significant other with you and even a pet present as well.  This... Continue Reading →

Great Outdoors or Backyard

  Mountain Lion Club and Amusement Park created the fantastic Party Pavillion which you can place some great patio furniture or whater inside and have a party. It includes the fireplace as well. This is one of the many great hunt prizes for the Around the Grid in 80 Days hunt July 13- Sept 30... Continue Reading →

In A Bad Mood

 She couldn't seem to get the steps for the dance right, no matter how much she practiced and it was beginning to show on her face that she was very frustrated. With t-shirts that spoke her mood without her having to open her mouth, she set forth to gemposes created this great pose called,... Continue Reading →

Love Love Love

The Loves Me Loves Me Not Hunt February 1-28th is still going strong and I have more incredible stuff to show you from some very talented designers. The Love Me Chest of Drawers by An Lema, has drawers that you can open and close, and cute knick knacks on top. It is one of the... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Start

  I have a lot of great stuff to show you, most of it is FREE or only 1L!! So we wont spend to much time with an introduction, keep scrolling....  Poses:  Verocity designed this great pose set called, Amy. It contains 6 poses and is on sale with several other poses in thier clearance... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Gwen’s RezDay

Yesterday was my wife, Gwen's rezday, so I bought her a cake (I'm not allowed in the kitchen), put up a decoration, and waited anxiously for her to get home. Luckily, I kept snug in some great clothing. ::cute as f*ck:: created the Wooden Pallet Snowflake decoration, and Storax Tree created the  Birthday Cake Ab... Continue Reading →

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