Little House in the Woods

There was a little house in the middle of the woods... Dragon Magick Wares - Enchanted Cottage copiable mesh it is 123 prims and 19x19 in dimension. An exclusive at Dark Passion Events - Midsummer Enchantment June 15-30.. Great for roleplay, period decor, or whatever your creativity may decide. 50% off during the event! The... Continue Reading →

Shady Days

Mistique has some really great new releases out to add to our landscaping look. The lovely Pergola Grace is available in your choice of blue, pink or green and includes 20 couples animations. The Firebowl comes in silver, copper, or rusty, is copy/mod and includes an on/off touch menu for the fire.  These would look... Continue Reading →

Purple Haze Kinda Day

 Fall is about colors, just like the other seasons, there are many hidden treasures meant to be enjoyed. One of my favorite fall indulgences is swinging outside in the garden, reflecting on the year and all that has happened. Smiling as I remember those hot summer nights, the newness of spring and looking forward to... Continue Reading →

High Society

The Miller family were high society, aristocrats and deeply immersed into the political scheme of things. When Mr Luden Miller returned from time out at sea, he brought home some oddly decorated furniture. His family, demurely accepted his need to have it in the house, chalking it up to the strange temperament of a sea... Continue Reading →

My Sheep But Not Bo Peep

 Mistique designed this really Cute Sheep that comes with lots of sitting animations and just a great place to hang about with friends or get some zzzzzzs. Dark Passions – Koffin Nails has another fantastic nail applier collection for us. Outer Limits is an exclusive at Genre May 15 – June 11, 2017. It comes... Continue Reading →

Home Decorating

Let's talk about home furnishings. I have a couple of fantastic finds to show you which would be great in your home. First, there is the Let's Back gacha by Serenity Style which can be found at the The Liaison Collaborative from January 7-30th. This gacha includes the kitchen rack, pans, baking tools, flour, rolling... Continue Reading →

Silis in Red

Posing on the Naughty Wall Blanket with 10 texture hud by Opassande. This comes with single sits and adult animations. I am feeling oh so sexy in Silis in Red by Mistique. Available in several colors, Silis comes in standard and fitmesh sizes. I am also wearing the Lola shoes by Pretty Gang, available with... Continue Reading →

Dragon Queen

It was quiet within her tiny kingdom that she had conquered and taken over. In fact, it wasn't hard at all, with only 50 inhabitants, mostly peace loving little people. And it wasn't the usual setting for her, but at least it was underground. The walls were painted with dragons and next to the elaborate... Continue Reading →

As The Clock Ticks

It was a dreary scene, she sat there waiting for him to return, unaware of the creature behind her. The crackling of the logs in the fire added to the restless feeling she had as the clock ticked on and on.  Lovefest 2016 has arrived! Celebrating the 26th Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. With merchants, rides, adventure,... Continue Reading →

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