Waiting at the Airport

Waiting at the airport for Gwennie's flight to get in. I of course brought Willy along because he was soo excited to see her, we even brought along his little plane. It's been a hit with the cafe staff of course. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Mesh Body Parts: Akeruka - Cleo Bento Head... Continue Reading →

Magic is Alive

There's something about the woods in spring that brings earth magic to my mind. Keeping my stock filled with plenty of potions created from different elements of the land, trees, leaves, herbs. Magic has to be replenished and there is always a cost for using it. But, it is always handy to have it close... Continue Reading →


Gwen and I decided it was time to take some sweet pictures of ourselves. You know the ones, cute, couple photos. But, for some reason, felt like something wasn't quite right. When we got the pictures back, we notice two very familiar faces in the background! Of course, we recruited Sarlah and set out to... Continue Reading →

The Bribe

It's that time of year so Gwen and I put together a package of goodies to bribe the fat man when he comes to stalk our house. We included a letter ok well a list of demands as well as lots of sugary sweets. And I am ready for his arrival, looking cute and ummm... Continue Reading →

Caught In Her Web

Something New has their Halloween Shop up and what a great bunch of items awaiting you there! Such as this Caught in a Web pose prop, complete with the scary spiders, and the one in the lower picture called Bad Ass Smart Ass Great Ass 1. They were perfect for showing off this fantastic dress... Continue Reading →

Shopping in Vega City- Dress Me Designs

Shopping in Vega City- Part of the Vega City Series Vega City is a great place to shop as well as take wonderful photographs. Vega *Sim design* Kaerri Now Hosting Kaerri/ Sascha's Designs / LRD/ Masoom/ Zuri's Jewelry/ VersaTILE/ Tori's Stylez/ DaneMarkz/ DressME Designs/ The Skin you're in! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vega%20City/126/38/24 Dress Me Designs ~DM~Indian Summer opening... Continue Reading →

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