Patio Living

I am loving this great backyard patio and decor from some great designers at Boardwalk May 15 - June 15 Persnickity - Patio with Wicker Set  Includes Patio w/stone walls 5Li, Texture change chairs with sitting animations 6 Li, Table 5Li, Chese platter 1Li, Wine bottles 2 Li, Bread platter 1 Li, Wine bottle opener... Continue Reading →

Beach Retreat

Welcome to our beach house, nestled beside a cliff, we enjoy peace and quiet and the sounds of the ocean as the waves lap upon the shore. The best part of it all is this great home we get to enjoy. Glas Houses  - Scher  This home has 3 rooms with 2 entrances to the... Continue Reading →

The Compromise

Living in a warm climate on a sandy beach, we don't get much of a chance to enjoy snow, well rarely unless we have it brought in, Which is what we did! Along with decorating the barn in a festive way. This would have been such a great place to have a party at. Barn... Continue Reading →

Memories of the Cottage

It isn't huge, but it isn't tiny either. A home with just the right amount of space for Gwennie and I, I love this place and just had to make it a special getaway for us. Sass Buildz made this absolutely fantastic cottage for Twe12ve's Memories Round. November 12-30th. I decorated inside with even more... Continue Reading →

Tower of Lost Souls

Somewhere up in the Tower of The Lost Souls, sat a cage. The cage was empty and solitude reigned above in the clouds, but there was still an ethereal sense to the place. Was a malevolent spirit roaming about in the dark corners, or was it just one's imagination? ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ created this amazing, Tower... Continue Reading →

A Bit Vintage

OMG .... Look what we found while out shopping the other day! Talk about a real true find. It works so perfectly with the ensemble we were looking to add to that we couldn't say no to this set. True to form it has two colors and all three pieces to it. a rare find... Continue Reading →

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