Monochrome Madness

Sometimes the world is just seen in black and white. Precise and unrelenting, it bends for no one. There is two sides with no in between, both correct but different paths to take. Which will you choose on your own personal journey? Poses & Props The great background/prop is the Sights Background by Minimal. This... Continue Reading →

Ms Grinch

She's a mean one...Missy Grinch. But she sure is sexy in her new dress, sneakers and gorgeous green skin. Pose prop is Virtual Props & Poses Masters Hand @ Image Essentials Studio Shown is the Reindeer Dress by TRS Designs which is a FREE Gift. Also a FREE gift is the ICE ice Baby Christmas... Continue Reading →

Alien Sex Appeal

Isla White shows well upon my lovely blue skin, simple and beautiful, with a touch of that sexy lace top all brought to you via multiple appliers and mesh skirt prim, with shoes even included for Belleza. Slink and Maitreya. All this designed by Facepalm Clothing Company for The Alchemy November 1-20th. Bald you say?... Continue Reading →

The Fallen

After causing a small amount of trouble in the heavens, I was asked to leave, well more like kicked to the curb so to speak. My wings turned a dark color as I entered the new phase in my life. I will say it was fun creating Havoc. Surely Loki would be proud of all... Continue Reading →

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