They Look Better After a Few Drinks

He came on strong, I had been drinking a bit too much and well, he just seemed so kissable! Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print)   Skin: Gigi by Glam Affair  Worn here in the 007 tone with the Catwa Catya head and Maitreya Lara body. Includes shape as well. Shape: Facet Shapes - Celia... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Weather

 Such a gorgeous day outside!! The animals are even coming out to play and we are getting the first little glimpses of the fall colors painting the leaves. I got to enjoy the sweet late summer air with some bears and chipmunks, while wearing a great outfit that is perfect for this time of year.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2016

With so many troubles, loses and heartache around the world and at home, I am so glad to see 2016 leave and look forward to a better year. Bring it on 2017 and good riddance to the old!   Image Essentials caught this sentiment perfectly with their  Goodbye 2016 pose prop. This contains 5 sits... Continue Reading →

Dracula’s Daughter

Well, here I lay, awaiting Dracula, all dressed up sexy just to get his ire, and just to see what Pops would say about it. And what happens? He is too distracted with some stupid little blood doll to even notice me. How am I supposed to get attention anymore?  He just dragged the helpless... Continue Reading →

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