Her Secret

If they only knew her secrets, if they only could sense the darkness hidden within..  7 Deadly s[K]ins  brings us the divine Venus.  Venus, beautiful as the Goddess herself, is an Omega face and body applier skin based on the LAQ bento mesh head. She comes in 2 skin packs choices, either light/pale or tanned/dark.... Continue Reading →

My Own Prison

y Own Prison Here in a prison of my own making, with my only friend, a large feathered raptor. At least he brings me things to eat, and he does keep me company. Dressed in a studded bodysuit, I did manage to snag my new bunny slippers. Well, this isn't forever at least, and if... Continue Reading →

Weekend Sweet

Earlier, I showed you this dress in the pink version and without the sleeves, here is the complete look with the sleeves included. I paired it up with some shoes from the CH Store, and a beautiful tanned skin by 7 Deadly s{K}ins for a California girl type of feel. For full styling information, see... Continue Reading →

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