Skool Daze

It's coming, that time of year when the apples ripen, cooler nights prevail with bonfires and of course school starts again! Cliques, cool kids, nerds, mean girls, you name it, we have it. Come celebrate this yearly ritual with The Gacha Life's Back to School round August 5-31. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Mesh... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream Yummm

A whole sim full of ice cream and cookies and just so much yummy goodness! You need to check this out and while here, participate in the hunt, do some shopping for some great stuff at cheap prices at their cart sale and more.  Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Spicy - Melody skin... Continue Reading →

Phobias, Night terrors, things that go bump in the night, all contribute to our nightmares and fears. But, facing those fears brings us closer to conquering them. What is your greatest fear? Are you ready to take a journey into the unknown, to look your deepest darkest fears in the face and laugh? Then come... Continue Reading →

A Bit Twisted

I am laying here, feeling fantastic and wonderful while enjoying these new surroundings. I have some gorgeous skin on and lots of incredible hunt prizes to tell you about. Such as this fantastic Victorian Style dress by Get Frocked for the Twisted Hunt Fall 2017 Sept 1-30, who is having a Victorian Gothic theme.This dress... Continue Reading →

Bed Hog Dogs

 Every night it's a mad dash for the bed in the dog eat dog world. The cat doesn't even bother to try, he just watches on with amusement. If the big dog doesn't beat everyone to the bed, then they actually get to enjoy the space, but tonight, he is the king and wont let... Continue Reading →

Sassy Pants

The thing about moving into a new house is that we have to unpack stuff now and decide what goes and what stays. But it also gives us lots of room to take some pictures to show you great stuff. 7 Deadly s{K}ins has a new skin out called, Georgie. This Omega mesh head applier,... Continue Reading →

Inside The House- Rainy Day

Sitting inside, listening to the rain as it falls, can be soothing. Especially if doing stretching and yoga, taking you to a place to clear your mind and refresh your soul. And wearing comfortable clothing such as this outfit, by Insanity, is an added bonus. Add to that enjoying some fantastic furniture from Kaerri, as... Continue Reading →

All In The Numbers

You'll get a few wolf whistles with this little barely there number. A suggestive number on the shirt, this outfit is for home or perhaps the beach. I paired it up with some cute sandles by Xbody for a casual beach look.The fantastic skin I  am in was designed by 7 Deadly Skins, and is... Continue Reading →

DOO WOP – New Hunt Starting May 11th

Doo Wop Girl Doo Wops and Sock Hops Hunt begings May 11th and man there are some serious treats in store for you! Just check out the pictures below and for more information, look at the credits Credits- Poses- irrie's Dollhouse vintage poses 1 The Elegant Goth Vintage Leather Cuddle Armchair in Emerald Continue Reading →

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