Cat Lady

 Not sure why these cats have decided they like me. I'm sure my mother in law has something to do with this. They are rubbing up against my new boots and purring, oh the sound is so loud! Well, I suppose I should go find some food to toss to them so that I can... Continue Reading →

Monochrome Madness

Sometimes the world is just seen in black and white. Precise and unrelenting, it bends for no one. There is two sides with no in between, both correct but different paths to take. Which will you choose on your own personal journey? Poses & Props The great background/prop is the Sights Background by Minimal. This... Continue Reading →

It’s In The Stars

Early mornings waiting for Gwennie to crawl out of bed. I've suffered insomnia all night, but at least I have some comfy furniture to rest in. Lots of great stars to greet me like the night sky. I have a great new outfit on to show you as well.  Poses The standing pose in this... Continue Reading →

Quiet Time

  A nice relaxing morning, our cat is even still asleep though the rat is planning on waking him up. I have a great cup of coffee to drink while waiting for my wife to get up. It's always nice to sleep in a bit so I am not about to disturb her. Something New... Continue Reading →


  Walking around the neighborhood at night, we tend to run into some strange and sometimes frightening folks. So, today I brought one of our guard dogs out with me. I like to wander about and put on a great outfit for our nightly walk. Poses are by  Fashiowl Poses. Called Doberdog, this pose prop... Continue Reading →


Uh oh! Gwennie has the paddle and I'm stuck in this thing. Guess this is what I get for goofing off. Ugh, she's giggling back there!  Poses Used In this Post Something New made the great standing pose called Girl Fun which can hold up to three avatars. Home and Garden Items Dictatorshop created this... Continue Reading →

My Inner Silence

 Where Pictures were Taken- The Plain of Jars, Tefa of Sand  Poses Used In this Post .:String Me Up:. designed the pose, My Inner Silence for #Hashtag - White Year -  January 15th- 30th. This pose includes the umbrella as well. Standing pose is part of the Fjio Set by .:Joplino:. an exclusive at the... Continue Reading →

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