Her Gentle Magic

Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Spicy - Melody skin Light tones Also comes in a dark tones pack.  Includes appliers for Catwa, Maitreya, and Omega. - 1 Bento shape (modify) - 4 tones (porcelain, fair, sunkissed, peach) - 2 head versions (with and without eyebrows) - 3 hairbase options + 1 white (tintable)... Continue Reading →

Ostara’s Messenger

Some people call them angels, others call them the messengers of Ostara. Whatever they are called, seeing them in a rare gift indeed. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: Dulce Secrets - Taira Oat Skin Appliers for Omega, Lelutka, Catwa and also includes classic skins available in several tone choices. Maitreya - Lara body,... Continue Reading →

The Moon’s Child

  There always was something about the moon....   Shopping List Skin: Amara Beauty - Olivia  This  is a gorgeous skin via Catwa applier. Available in several different tones, peach is worn here with the Catwa Catya head and Maitreya Lara body Eyes: Zombie Suicide  Daisy Eyes  Mesh eyes as well as system eyes in... Continue Reading →

Living Dead Gurl

Shopping List Skin: Moonlitecat Creations- Dead Girl Skin box includes system skin, Omega applier and Soul ear appliers. Exclusive at Gothic Garage Sale: July 27 -  Aug 8, 2018 Eyes: Az Design - Shadow Eyes. Available in Mesh eye pack with texture hud or Applier pack for Catwa, Lelukta and Omega appliers. Change left and... Continue Reading →

Witches Cottage

  Down the road there is a house, a bit rustic looking and perhaps a tad spooky. But, honestly, I never believed the rumors of a wicked witch living there...  Two lonely rocking chairs, though apparently still in good condition, rarely if ever have I noticed anyone sitting in them. But, sometimes you can hear... Continue Reading →

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

 Sometimes a ghoul has to dress up in something sexy and cast her own magic during the season. Hidden in the glow of neon lights shining in the dark, awaiting that unknowing victim to wander along.  The Sexy Orc created this great Adult Jack-o-Lantern with single and couple animations and the Lil Ghosties neon wall... Continue Reading →

Lost Lil Reindeer

I got sidetracked someplace, it was probably one of those many sales that are going on out there. Perhaps it was the other reindeer that shouted SHOES! I just don't know, but now I am lost out here and it's getting a bit cold, even for me. Though I do have to admit that my... Continue Reading →

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