Life’s a Beach

 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely Katie skin. This Omega face/body applier is based on the Catwa Catya head and comes in a variety of tones from light to dark and there is even a shape available as well. She is an exclusive at Designer Showcase.  I am wearing the cashew tone with no brow... Continue Reading →

Small Friends in Tall Grasses

I found myself a little friend in the deep grasses by my home. Seems a bit timid and scared, of course, with all the wildlife we have running about, can't really blame him. Friendly enough though, I wonder if he was someone's pet.  7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely Nala skin. Nala comes in two... Continue Reading →

Ostaras Cottage

Upon the shore of the lake, I happened upon a strange little cottage that appeared to be in the shape of some flower. How possibly lived here, I wondered as I crept forth to peer into the windows. Upon seeing what decorated the room, I quickly stepped away and went along my business. !Lyrical B!zarre... Continue Reading →

Witches Garden

Spring has sprung! All the flowers are blooming, moss has come back to cover the stonework in the garden and I am happily preparing some time at the altar soon.   Ostara's Altar March 16-April 3 has opened and there's a lot to see and enjoy there. Exclusives and gifts, even a hunt. One of... Continue Reading →


I ventured out into the forest by the house and set up a small altar to show respect for Ostara. Dressed in an outfit to fit in with the woodland creatures and fairies, I felt at peace with nature and began to channel that feeling within all I do. It was a lovely experience and... Continue Reading →

Georgie in the Flesh

7 Deadly s{K}ins has a new skin out called, Georgie. This Omega mesh head applier, based on Catwa comes in 6 different skin tones. In addition to the face appliers, the box includes Omega body appliers and Slink hands/feet appliers. This beautiful skin can be found at Suicide Dollz March 19-31 All the Major Body... Continue Reading →

Little Wood Witch Dreams

The little wood witch had HUGE dreams of someday being on the Grand Council of witches. But for now, she was simply in charge of keeping the council chambers clean. The council members had lovely chairs to relax in with blooming flowers that crowned the furniture year long. And the small altar with the pillows... Continue Reading →

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