Our Family Home

It's always a warm feeling to have a spot to gather together as a family and tell each other about our adventures since we last met. Our home serves as such a spot for our family, warm and inviting with decor by some great designers. [CIRCA] designed some fantastic items that can be mixed and... Continue Reading →

It’s My Party or Maybe Not

The young princess was so excited! Today would be the day that the suitors would be here to call, provided they passed the first screening by her father, the King. She was dressed in a pretty new gown, and long hair fell loosely down her back in the style of a maiden. (This beautiful Animated... Continue Reading →

Time Of My Life Too

It was a great party, we danced and laughed, while singing along to familiar songs. I was dressed in a pretty new dress with some great new boots, just a touch of spring chill in the air underneath the light of the moon. It was a great time and I had the time of my... Continue Reading →

Sunset Beach

Relaxing on our grassy beach while the sun sets with one of the dogs, is one of my favorite times of day. It is when Mother Moon rises and her light dances upon the waves like tiny jewels. Wearing a casual hairstyle with bouncy curls and celebrating the return of spring with some flowers in... Continue Reading →

Sexy Sadie

Thanks to The Little Bat, I have some great new art upon our walls. Totally sassy and bold, this Messy Art lights up the room in vibrant colors. These two pictures are called LOL and Lips, and can be found on sale over at Lost and Found until June 18th.   7 Deadly s[K]ins brings... Continue Reading →

Reading the Sunday Evening Post

Sometimes it is just great to sit back in a comfortable chair and relax. Reading a newspaper and listening to some soft music in the background before starting the day. No television news, just simply the dogs, newspaper and I enjoying the rising sun. ~Zo Awesum~ created the lovely pose prop with pose called the... Continue Reading →

My Tulip Field

 I love this time of year, though it is a short lived one, when the tulips bloom and fill the yard with such vibrant colors. We aren't getting much rain here so I decided to water them today and give two of the dogs some time outside while it was warm.  The great poses used... Continue Reading →

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