Dining Room

DELLAROBBIA - 5 Gal Crock - Antique Pie Safe (comes in blue or ivory) - Crockery Pitcher - Daguerreotype Frame Version 1 and 2 - Kitchen Crock - Sugar Chest  %Percent - Danielle Dining Set -Dining Table and Chairs (Comes with wood and metal chairs. Metal chairs have 4 fabric textures to choose)15Li 18 single... Continue Reading →

The Salon

The beauty salon is ready for it's first customer! Now, where'd I place those scissors? More great stuff for you from Boardwalk January 15-February 15 %Percent (Event Sponsor)- Sally sconces Brass and nickel versions included each comes with three light settings. Be aware: will not allow you to enlarge it much without raising the Li %Percent... Continue Reading →

Yuletide Greetings

 Christmas is coming and our home is starting to look a bit ready for the Holidays. With some great decor items from The Boardwalk event November 15th - December 15th. Sahi Designs created the lovely indoor/outdoor Yuletide Living Pallet Set - [PG] Includes Armchair (PG), Coffee Table, Comfy Crate, Ladder, Shelf, Sofa (PG), Wall Tree... Continue Reading →

In This Together

 7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely Katie. This Omega face/body applier is based on the Catwa Catya head and comes in a variety of tones from light to dark and there is even a shape available as well. She is an exclusive at Designer Showcase.  I am wearing the pineapple tone in these pictures. Also... Continue Reading →

It’s a Pug Life

I began work on a new gamer room at the house, using vibrant colors and whimsical furniture. But, then the pugs came into the room, demanding to be fed. I swear, these two eat as much as a herd of great danes!  7 Deadly s[K]ins created the lovely skin, Perla. She comes in your choice... Continue Reading →

Shopping Shopping

( Collaboration pose with Gwen Gudkov Roughneck, check out her blog here! ) Yes we went shopping again as usual. Seems like we can never find what we started for but always come home with tons  of things to try on or just have because well, you know, we all have to have 4 closets.... Continue Reading →

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