Beautiful Danger

Sexy and wicked all in one package. The spy leaned against a window, bored with the meeting and wanting to get on with it. She had kicked off her shoes and stood there in stocking covered feet while casually listening or daydreaming. I have on the Nove mesh skin by 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This skin... Continue Reading →

Queen B*tch

  She has that look about her that commands attention. Some whisper and call her names, but she's proud to be the Queen B**** and will flaunt it wherever she goes. And if she's in a particularly good mood, she'll even offer to show you how she earned the title. PinUp created the sexy Mandy... Continue Reading →

For Love of a Pitbull

I went over to the pound and found some adorable doggies that needed a forever home. Adding to our pack, are some loving and snuggly pitbulls, I got some puppies and even adopted the adult one I saw there, who was begging with her eyes to be taken home.   Some animal related items for... Continue Reading →


A sexy seductress, Valentina lures them in with that barely there harness and thigh high laced heels. A jewel adoring her forehead and bright ruby kissable lips. Vengeful Threads continues their tradition of amazing artistry in makeup with their Catwa - Valentina Makeup & Adornment exclusive for Twe12ve Feb 12-28th. This includes the makeup, forehead... Continue Reading →

Hippie Style

I was in such a mood this morning, I grabbed all my Hippie style clothing and started to play dress up from those days I miss at times. It was so much fun acting like a teenager again and relaxing on the Bean Bag chair. Even the pictures on the wall were changed to match... Continue Reading →

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