The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From..

 I was totally into this new book as I leaned back against the apple tree in the lovely warm spring sunshine. The dogs were hanging out with me, enjoying themselves in the cart and I had brought along a lovely picnic to savor while getting in some great "me" time. Just then, a very exciting... Continue Reading →

Pop Rocks and Cola

There's nothing like a treat and refreshment to start the day. Especially when it involves caffeine and sugar  7 Deadly s[K]ins has another beautiful VIP Group Gift called, Becky,  for February. This Omega face&body based skin comes in 4 tones with eyebrow or no eyebrow options. Also included is a beautiful shape and eyebrow shape. ... Continue Reading →

Beach Babe

 7 Deadly s[K]ins brings a new skin to the table for us with the gorgeous Hawai. A face applier skin based on the AK Asya mesh head (worn here with AK’s Camilla mesh head and Maitreya body), this skin is available in several skin tones, each box containing 5 eyebrow versions, blonde, red, brown, black... Continue Reading →

Pageant Winner

Now this was an interesting beauty Pageant for sure. and wouldn't you know it mom was right. She said do something off the wall and extreme. So, I gathered up my coffin placed a few things around inside of it for decorations and low and behold I WON FIRST PLACE! Poses used in this post... Continue Reading →

The Labyrinth

Angelic Designs [AD] Labyrinth Garden Weekend Sale Sale Price: 60L$ Image Essentials  - Distinguished (b) Basta! [B!] :COLORBURST: Bluebells . Knitted sweater [B!] :PRETTY LEILA: Steelblue - Heels for SLink high [B!] :FACETTES: Slate - Leggings Dulce Secrets ::DS:: Secret Garden Steel Blue Eyes 7 Deadly s{K}ins   - LILIMORE LIMITED... Continue Reading →

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