Beach Love

Hanging out on the beach, this little pig came wandering up. Cute as could be with a ribbon on her head. I looked around and couldn't find anyone that appeared to be searching for her, so settling down on the sand so she'd stay in my lap, I took a few pictures to distribute around.... Continue Reading →

Traveling Again

Seems Aerlinniel did not want me to sleep in this morning. She decided we were going to take a trip, where to you ask? I have no idea, I was sleeping so soundly and all at once I have this bucket of ice water dumped on mah head. With her running around like a cat... Continue Reading →

It Wasn’t Me

I swear, I didn't do it. Yet, this huge finger is pointing at me. I am as innocent as I can be, why do they not believe me? Hmmph! Time to find a t-shirt to wear and head out the door for some ME time. With so many new shirts, this is going to be... Continue Reading →


While cleaning up and sorting through a few boxes, I came across one with some items from back when Gwen and I were first dating. Picking up a picture taken of us at a club, I couldn't help but smile at the great memories. The Memories pose was created by .:Joplino:. as an exclusive¬† for... Continue Reading →

Picture Time

I walked for hours and hours to find the right place with some rolling hills in the background and the grass prairie at my little feet and I found the perfect place to take some awesome pictures. It was a blast from the past taking pictures with my new camera. Now where did that little... Continue Reading →

Come Into Our Parlor

  Oh the Horror Cart Sale & Hunt- October 1-31, is going strong with great exclusives, hunt, gifts, and great photo op scenery.For a peek at the great hunt prizes, look Here Such as this great pose by Something New, called It Knows What Scares You. Complete with television, teddy bear and wording. Also shown... Continue Reading →

My French Bulldog

My French Bulldog He's little but his heart is big as he roams about the yard, spring is here and we are enjoying the warm outdoors weather, green grass, flowers and lots of chasing squirrels to be had! I am wearing a shape and lipstick by A, Kouly, outfit and hat by Miss Canning, skin... Continue Reading →

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