They Be Swingin’

 These two pups know how to spend a warm morning as they sit upon the new porch swing as it moves gently in the breeze within the shade of the tree. Raindale - Rosenfax hoop swing - pastel edition No flowers version also included, multi level texture change menu.  This is an exclusive at Rally... Continue Reading →

Hot as Hades

  7 Deadly s[K]ins created the gorgeous Ginger Omega Face and Body skin appliers which come in several great skin tones. Snow is the tone worn here. These will be making their debut at the Cosmetic Fair Feb 15th - 28th 2018 Also worn: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 Vista bento Pro Hands and... Continue Reading →

Bella By Night

The sounds of the children of the night were a comfort to the dark fairy as she wandered the lands in search of unwanted children. Most thought of her as cruel, but her chore was a loving one, giving the children left to the elements, another chance at life in the fae realm. How misunderstood... Continue Reading →

For Love of a Pitbull

I went over to the pound and found some adorable doggies that needed a forever home. Adding to our pack, are some loving and snuggly pitbulls, I got some puppies and even adopted the adult one I saw there, who was begging with her eyes to be taken home.   Some animal related items for... Continue Reading →

Morning Rituals

Ohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm a great way to start the morning off is a bit of yoga and sparring. My opponent at the dojo managed to give me a black eye and cut lip but I did far worst to them. It was such a tranquil and quite spot where I chose to do my positions and meditate... Continue Reading →

Warrior Princess

She was ready to defend her home, her people at whatever personal cost. The blade sharpened and ready to be blooded upon her enemies, they called her Mayhem for a reason. Something New created the pose set used in the post called Warrior Princess. 5 single poses complete with sword prop. These pictures were taken... Continue Reading →


Winter's Hollow has opened, a fantastic event with lots of great exclusives by talented designers,  and this elf decked out in her finest purplicious clothing, came out to greet us, along with some friends! Shown are some amazing items by Angelic Designs, On the left we have the  [Winter Magic] GiftBox Prop in purple with... Continue Reading →

Dracula’s Daughter

Well, here I lay, awaiting Dracula, all dressed up sexy just to get his ire, and just to see what Pops would say about it. And what happens? He is too distracted with some stupid little blood doll to even notice me. How am I supposed to get attention anymore?  He just dragged the helpless... Continue Reading →

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