Based on the wasp of the same name, Vespoidea, this avatar by Stargazer Creations is amazing! It includes hair, Applier for Uni Ears, Basic Nail Polish Omega applier, Omega Eye Applier, Lotus Cock Applier, Skin Appliers for Men and Women, SNO Cock applier, Bentoe tail and wings. An exclusive now at We Love to Role-Play... Continue Reading →

Island Of The Dead

Here the dead are indeed walking, well some of them. This target appeared to be a former victim, but more than likely was the killer of these poor unfortunate souls. No zombie would have ever went to such trouble to secure the bodies. So, as I watched this abomination come into my sights, growling deeply,... Continue Reading →

They’re Coming

He was irritating at best, and she couldn't resist but to give him a hand gesture that spoke volumes. Unfortunately, she didn't realize he had summoned his minions and they were right behind her. This beautiful skin by 7 Deadly s[K]ins is Salt. She is an Omega based face & body applier skin. Modeled after... Continue Reading →

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