Battle of the Flies

So I am here at this beautiful spot in SL, enjoying myself when a fly decides to land on my nose, then another and another! I look about but couldn't find a fly swatter, but did find myself a paddle and set to work trying to swat them away. Regardless of the flies though, I... Continue Reading →

She’s Dope

Setting out for a great day of exploring and seeing the sights, I am sure that I will get plenty of looks when people notice my great outfit. Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins has a great new skin called Davina based on the Laqroki Mesh head, available now at Fashion Dazzle Jan 1-25th. This skin box... Continue Reading →

Sorting the Old Vinyls

Sorting through some of our old records, I paused to look at one in particular with "oldie" classic rock and chuckled. It wasn't old to us, it was as if it was yesterday and still the preferred music we listen to. .:String Me Up:. created the great prop with pose called, Music Is My Boyfriend... Continue Reading →


Feeling a bit frisky, I ventured out with my new pop gun, wearing a sexy ensemble despite the cool air. Pointing the gun in a menacing fashion I set my sights and BANG! the little flag appeared, scaring my pray, a squirrel that happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. I'm... Continue Reading →

Bahama Mama

A day out on the beach, enjoying the soft white sands in my new bikini. I even met a special friend while I was outside. This dog came wandering up with a Santa cap on and all. Sure was a friendly fellow and even posed for a picture with me. Pose prop is Keep my... Continue Reading →

Holiday Shopping

All dressed up to go shopping, I have my new handbag, and put on a gown with some heels. One always needs to make the best impression when shopping at the mall, and you just never know who you may run into there. I am wearing a lovely dress called Jackie, designed by Le Fashion... Continue Reading →

Puppy Rescue

I was wandering about a deserted building, following a dog that had obviously given birth recently and acted like she wanted me to go with her. Being led into the shadows, I glanced about quickly when I heard what sounded like whimpers coming from beneath the stairwell.¬† So I followed Mama Dog over that direction,... Continue Reading →

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