Two Mystical Sisters

Two very mystical, magical and dangerous sisters grace the darkened corners as Halloween approaches. The veil grows thin and they watch on with glee. The Plastik created this amazing avatars which are both parts of different gacha collections. First there is the Unicorn Kinn collection, which made it's debut at Lootbox Gacha Carnival and is... Continue Reading →

Enchanting Blues

  The Plastik is at Salem with some beautiful new furnishings for us. The Coffe Couch Sets come in sets of 2 colors, and include texture change menus for the cushions. This is part of the  the  Angeleyes-Blackest Night set. There is a dark part and light part to this set, shown is Blackest Night.... Continue Reading →

It Was Not Me!

 I was decorating the garage for our Halloween Party when I came across an unusual decoration. Upon further inspection though, I realized that this wasn't a decoration but a real body laying there! Who did it and why would they go to the trouble of placing it in the garage, right in my way? Well,... Continue Reading →

Decorating Fever

  I am sooo happy with how this room turned out. The colors and the halloween theme worked perfectly and I was even able to bring in my newest doll collection. It appears the dog is pretty happy with this as well and I feel so great in my new outfit, that we are going... Continue Reading →

Creatures Of The Night

Today I ventured over to the Sweet Revolution sim, it's a fantastic spot for taking pictures and even roleplaying a bit. Not to mention the great items that you can see up close and personal that she has for sale. Such as these statures from their Eternal Gothic Guardian gacha collection. 7 Deadly s[K]ins recreated... Continue Reading →


I love the sound of thunder as the storms approach, loud enough to wake the dead...literally. Skin worn: VYRA by  7 Deadly s[K]ins is an Omega based mesh head & body applier based on the Catwa bento mesh heads. It includes 6 skin tones and can be found on sale at Applique which opens October... Continue Reading →

Milena In the Fall

Fall brings with it, warm snuggles in front of the fireplace, the smell of apple cider and hot chocolate, as well as the vivid hues of various colors as the leaves turn. During this time, fashion tends to move towards the more earthy tones in a down to earth manner. The pose shown here is... Continue Reading →

Witchy Witchy

I was up in the attic, going through some old boxes and discovered some great treasures. Some more Halloween decorations, an old broom to ride around on and even a coffee mug! Of course, one of the cats immediately hopped onto the end of the broom as I hovered in the air on it, thinking... Continue Reading →

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